The essence of

organic red grapes

Vegan - Alcohol free - Gluten free - No sulfites



2 boxes (35/40 kg) of red grapes from organic farming

to obtain 1 kg of Liofenol

. Liofenol does NOT come from winemaking processing waste (pomace and grape seeds)

. but only from organic red grapes, ripe harvested

. after alcoholic fermentation,

. multi-year refinement

. and vacuum freeze-drying

. without additives of any kind

. without alcohol

Average nutritional values (100g):

. energy: 881 (kJ) - (205 Kcal)

. fat: 0 (g)

. carbohydrates: 53 (g)

. of which sugars: 35 (g)

. polyols: 18 (g)

. protein: 1.3 (g)

. salt (sodium x 2.5): 0.025 (g)

. Total polyphenols: 4 (g)

Best before:

24 months (see date on the label)


Conservation method

Keep the jar away from light (in its box), in a cool (<20 degrees) and dry (humidity <65%) place

After opening, in the normal hypothesis of consumption in 20/30 days, close the lid and store the jar in its box in a cool and dry place.

The high acidity (ph <3.5) and the low "free" water coefficient (aW <0.45), as well as the active ingredients of the product itself, make Liofenol difficult to attack by microorganisms.

Liofenol can also be stored in the refrigerator: the low temperature favors its hardening, so it can be more difficult to take the desired quantity with a teaspoon.

Jar emptying

It is quite simple to completely consume the product:

the last residue in the jar can be diluted with a little hot water, stirring with a teaspoon or shaking slightly with the lid closed, and consumed without losing even a drop ...