The essence of

organic red grapes

Vegan - Alcohol free - Gluten free - No sulfites




. which brings significant benefits, especially for its strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

It therefore becomes almost a categorical imperative to resolve this dilemma by offering a health food with the same active ingredients as fermented red grapes, but alcohol free.

The beneficial effects of red grapes and wine on human health have been known since ancient times.

In the millenary tradition of the Mediterranean diet, reference has always been made to the consumption of red berry fruit and, in the particular case of grapes, to its alcoholic fermentation (wine) in order to have a drink that is naturally preserved over time.

. but only in the last sixty years has a scientific value been given to these observations;

. in recent decades hundreds of works have been published on the so-called "French Paradox",

. or how a moderate consumption of red wine acts favorably on the cardiovascular system, even in the presence of a diet particularly rich in fatty foods of animal origin

. this activity is mainly attributed to the polyphenolic fraction present in wines (in particular red ones),

However, the consumption of wine often clashes with the alcohol intolerance of many subjects:

. due to the body's lack of sufficient ability to degrade alcohol (alcohol dehydrogenase), with inevitable deleterious effects on the organs concerned (liver, pancreas, heart, central / peripheral nervous system, intestinal microbiota)

. or for essential reasons of principle that prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages;

Even for resistant subjects, the recommended daily dose of wine is in any case less than 150 ml / day (also depending on the body weight and alcohol content of the wine), to avoid the toxic effect of alcohol, even on the intestinal microbiota, overcomes the beneficial effect of antioxidant active ingredients ...