The essence of

organic red grapes

Vegan - Alcohol free - Gluten free - No sulfites



What does the daily "portion" correspond to?

What is the difference between Liofenol and other commercial products that boast antioxidant properties?

The production of Liofenol was conceived:

. without economic compromises

. to guarantee the consumer a food with the max content of active ingredients of the starting fruit (organic red grapes from Monferrato)

. and therefore with the max antioxidant value of red berry fruit

. with a long and expensive process, always under complete control at every stage

Normally commercial products are "assembled" starting from the single active ingredients extracted from the raw material with industrial processes:

. to reduce costs, industry often only act on raw materials from conventional, non-organic agriculture, favoring the use of waste from the wine production chain (pomace, grape seeds)

. the process of extraction and subsequent assembly of the individual active ingredients cannot always guarantee the absence of side effects on the human body

. even more so when the phases of the production process are managed by different operators;

. it is not certain that even a greater quantity of single active principle also corresponds to complete absorption by the organism.

Considering the proportions grapes / alcoholic fermentation / extraction, in principle it can be considered that 1/2 teaspoon corresponds to about a bunch of grapes (100g) ...


What are the typical indications?

Liofenol is a concentrated food.

For preventive purposes, also based on one's own feeling of well-being and the needs of the organism (balancing with the existing diet), it can also be taken in periodic cycles.

As evidenced by the scientific papers on Liofenol and, more generally, by all the existing literature, the main beneficial effects of red berry fruit are:

. antioxidant / anti-inflammatory action

. aging prevention (anti-aging)

. degenerative disease prevention

How long to take it for?

Except for particular allergies to the active ingredients of fermented red grapes, in general:

. the origin from organic agriculture,

. the absence of additives,

. the low temperature vacuum extraction process

guarantee the naturalness of the product, as per the millennial tradition of human nutrition.

Side Effects - Contraindications

As with any concentrated food product, it is recommended to keep it out of the reach of children under the age of 6.